Pesticide Atlas Korean 2023 English

Pesticide Atlas Korean Edition (English version)

South Korea's use of pesticides began with its forced conversion to the Japanese agricultural regime during Japanese occupation in the early 20th Century. Behind rapid industrialisation in the post-1960s, were problems of environmental pollution and pesticide poisoning due to the world's highest pesticide use. With authorities leaving control to agrochemical companies, and the companies only interested in selling pesticides, a pesticide policy for nature and people is a long way off.
Korean Energy Atlas (English version)

Energy Atlas Korean Edition (English version)

South Korea is ranked 17th in the world for cumulative greenhouse gas emissions, most of which come from the energy sector. The country’s policies for energy transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear power began with the expansion of participatory renewable energy. However, the new government has taken a step backwards from previous policies that aspired to a sustainable and carbon-neutral society.