Cover page of "Regulating AI: Debating Approaches and Perspectives from Asia and Europe"

Regulating AI: Debating Approaches and Perspectives from Asia and Europe

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Artificial intelligence has left the lab and entered our everyday lives. A critical mass of countries are shifting from moralising AI to regulating it. What happens in the EU matters for the rest of the world. The EU's proposed AI Act is a first law on AI by a major regulator anywhere. International cooperation will be crucial to effectively regulating AI.

This report, based on a series of webinars organised by hbs Hong Kong and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, includes discussions between Asian and European experts and policy-makers addresses core aspects of the proposed regulation:

  • the "risk-based approach" to AI regulation,
  • the issue of explainability in AI, and
  • the protection of data rights for citizens and users.
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February 13, 2023
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Association of Pacific Rim Universities
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