Perspectives Asia #8: Asia for Future

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While Asia is home to some of the fastest growing economies and some of the world’s top polluters, it is also one of the regions worst hit by climate change. Erratic weather patterns, extreme floods and droughts destroy people’s livelihoods, creating an increasing number of climate refugees. Climate change is not a distant problem; it is right at the doorstep of many Asians.

This edition of Perspectives Asia presents the work of climate change activists in Asia who are calling their governments and people to action. They are raising their voices, some of them despite severe restrictions on the right of free assembly and freedom of speech. These activists show immense courage and they deserve international recognition for their work.

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November 2019
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Table of contents
  • Introduction – Breaking the climate silence
  • “You want people to become environmentalists? Make it practical and logical. Make it a trend.” - Thoughts of Thai climate activist Nanticha ‘Lynn’ Ocharoenchai
  • “The climate crisis is currently the biggest threat to all beings on earth” - Interview with Kyaw Ye Htet and Zay Hlin Mon from Myanmar
  • “It’s time to take action” - Interview with Lim Kimsor, Monorom Tchaw and Lak from Cambodia
  • Poetics of Climate Crisis in India
  • “Climate change is a serious problem, yet one that seems to be remote” - Interview with Zheng Xiaowen from China
  • “Young people know that the climate crisis is an existential threat to human civilization” - Interview with Malaysian Youth Delegation
  • “I will not stand their silence” - Eun-young Go from South Korea
  • “We believe that art is a powerful tool that can help to save our earth” - Interview with Henna Nguyen and Trung Phan from Vietnam
  • Climate Action in Hong Kong: The World’s First Climate Change Museum - Debbie P.W. Tsang and George S.K. Ma